Terra Mystica GeekUp Bags for BITS (8 pcs)

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A set of eight drawstring bags featuring original artwork from the game Terra Mystica, used to store the cardboard tokens used in the game:

  • Bonus tile bag = 9 x 14cm
  • Coin bag =  9 x 12cm
  • Favor tile bag = f13 x 16cm
  • Purple power token bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Scoring tile bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Town tile bag = 9 x 10cm
  • Terrain tile bag = 15.5 x 19cm

Please note --> The Fire & Ice Expansion to Terra Mystica also comes with a storage bag for the terrain tiles. With this GeekUp bag set and expansion together, you will have the choice between the two storage bags for the same pieces.

´╗┐Pair this bag set with our original Terra Mystica PLAYER bag set as well!


Price: $15.00