Race/Roll For the Galaxy (or Jump Drive or New Frontiers) GeekUp Bits (33 pcs)

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A sleek replacement set of VP tokens compatible with Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy, Jump Drive, or New Frontiers, depending on how many sets you buy!

The pieces are made of a hard plastic, similar to bakelite, and the graphics are applied via a 4 color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

This set contains the exact count of pieces included in the Roll for the Galaxy base game, which is also more than enough to cover Race:

  • 5 ten-point chits
  • 8 five-point chits
  • 20 one-point chits

In comparison, for other games, you'll need:

  • 1 set for Race for the Galaxy, which needs 4 ten-point, 6 five-point, and 18 one point chits.
  • 3-4 sets for Jump Drive, which needs 20 ten-point, 12 five-point,, and 52 one-point chits.
  • 2 sets for New Frontiers, which needs 8 ten-point, 7 five-point, and 25 one-point chits.


Price: $16.00