Food Chain Magnate: Milestone Boards & Card Accordion

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This GeekUp set for Food Chain Magnate and its expansion The Ketchup Mechanic, contain three elements:

  1. TWO card storage accordions that fit in either the box bottom or lid, to allow you to display all of the employee cards neatly inside the box during play
  2. Plastic dividers that help support the cardboard accordion and create "pockets" for the different cards
  3. Five sturdy dry erase boards of all the milestones: the base game on one side and the Ketchup expansion on the other.

This set both shrinks the required table space to play the game significantly, while also being a much handier way to both reference and track completed and expired milestones!

Instructions for the Plastic Dividers: These dividers come with two clip positions in the back, allowing you to assemble the accordion in either the top OR the bottom of the box. Use the outer clips for the larger dimensions of the box top and the inner clip for the smaller dimensions of the box bottom. You can also use the accordion without the dividers if you prefer.

Price: $20.00
Recommended Age: 13+
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