3D Printed Sawing Tables & Flower Pots for Woodcraft (36 pieces)

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Upgrade kit for Woodcraft™, with detailed flowerpot figures and sawing tables. The best components for your workshop! If you want upgrades wooden blueberries, lanterns, saw blades, and tile reuse tokens, see our full line of Woodcraft upgrades HERE.

The top of the sawing tables has two different faces: one with a saw and the other with an X symbol. They can be placed in both positions to indicate the used status of each table.

The flowerpot miniatures have a dedicated spot for the dice.

Contents (36 pieces):

12 Sawing table bases
12 Sawing table tops
4 Brown flowerpots
4 Green flowerpots
4 Yellow flowerpots

Note: Original game pieces NOT included, they appear in the pictures for illustration purposes only.

If you are looking for our 3D printed upgrade for Woodcraft that also includes the lanterns, tile-reuse tokens, and saw blades, that set is HERE

Price: $29.95