3D Printed Upgrade Kit for Viticulture (103 pieces)

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Complete set for Viticulture™, with all the tokens you need to play the base game and the Essential Edition (1-6 players). The perfect components for your Tuscan winery!

This pack includes wooden structure miniatures and 3D tokens in 6 colors, one for each player: orange, purple, yellow, blue, white and green.

Contents (103 pieces):

 · Wooden Structure Tokens (48 - 8 of each color):

6 Big Cellars
6 Small Cellars
6 Cottages
6 Irrigation Buildings
6 Tasting Rooms
6 Trellis Tokens
6 Windmills
6 Yokes

 · Other tokens (55):

36 Star Tokens (6 of each color)
6 Wake-up Tokens (Roosters)
6 Victory Point Tokens (Corks)
6 Payment Tracker Tokens (Wine Bottles)
1 First Player Token (Grapes)

Note: Original components and game mat NOT included. They appear in the pictures for illustration purposes only.

Price: $51.95