3D Printed Upgrade Kit for Scythe - Popularity, Power, and Stars (72 pcs)


Popularity, power and star tokens for the five factions included in the base version of Scythe™ plus the two added in the expansion Invaders from Afar and the two of the expansion The Rise of Fenris:

Republic of Polania (White)
Saxony Empire (Black)
Crimean Khanate (Yellow)
Nordic Kingdoms (Blue)
Rusviet Union (Red)
Clan Albion (Green)
Togawa Shogunate (Purple)
Vesna-Tesla (Aquamarine)
Fenris (Orange)

This set includes 8 tokens for each faction (72 total):

6 Star tokens
1 Popularity token
1 Power token
If you want the full set of 3D printed pieces for Scythe, you can find them here. 

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List Price: $23.95
Price: $19.75