3D Printed Upgrade Kit for Cthulhu: Death May Die (60 pieces)

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Upgrade kit for the Cthulhu: Death May Die™ board game, with 60 awesome tokens to summon elder gods in style. 

The pieces in this set have similar base sizes to the cardboard tiles that they are meant to replace. The portal / gate tokens have a slot to accommodate the original tokens included in the game. 

Contents (60 pieces):

21 Fire tokens
18 Wound tokens - value 1
8 Wound tokens - value 3
5 Lab tables
3 Portals / Gates
2 Staircases
2 Tunnels
1 Sarcophagus

Note: Original game pieces NOT included, they appear in the pictures for illustration purposes only.

Price: $54.75
N/AThe inventory count includes the number of them that may still be made up in 117-piece full sets (would need to be seprated if bought separately)