"Blue" (Translucent) Acrylic Meeple (16mm)


These are our "standard" size meeples, but in acrylic (instead of wood). They are approximately 16mm wide, 16mm tall, and 10mm thick. As each person may have a different idea of what constitutes a "normal" or "standard" meeple, you should pay attention to these dimensions, as to have correct sizing expectations.

There were 12 unique colors produced in this print run (April 2018). The color listed in quotes is NOT the exact color itself, but the Meeple Source meeple color that most closely matches it. 

Price is shown per piece, and there is a 10-piece minimum purchase for this item.
Save 5% on 25-49 identical pieces, and 10% on 50 or more identical pieces.

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