69-piece set of Nectar tokens for Wingspan: Oceania (22 assorted real-life flower designs)

Want to upgrade the cardboard nectar/flower tokens for Wingspan: Oceania to beautifully painted wooden tokens? We have several upgrade options for this!

The option that is featured here on this page is our original 69-piece mixed flower/nectar set which includes 22 different flower types.

You may want to select our newer 69-piece set that is made from only 15 different real-life flower designs (instead of these 22) - go here for that set. If you prefer that all of your nectar tokens are the same design, we have a 69-piece set of the Australian-native Sturt's desert rose (Gossypium sturtianum) - go here for that set.

Whichever option you choose, these will look amazing with your Meeple Source Wingspan food tokens and other upgrades!

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade most typically includes 3-4 painted wooden pieces of the 22 real-life flower designs (69 total pieces). This list currently includes: Sturt's Desert Rose, Pink Anemone, Columbine, Hellebores, Lavender, Morning Glory, Red Anemone, Star Jasmine, Purple Pansy, Magnolia, Tiger Lily, Hibiscus, Cattleya Orchid, Rose, Chamomile, Poinsettia, Sunflower, Water Lily, Gaillardia, Purple Calla Lily, Cherry Blossom, and Star Gazer Lily. Please be aware that no specific flower is guaranteed to have any exact number of pieces though! We can only guarantee that you have the 69 pieces in total. We plan reduce the number of flower types in the future to 15 (for the second print run), and at such point we will update this information to reflect the then-current typical set configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product. Please direct all questions about this item to meeplesource@gmail.com.

Price: $32.00
Admin Notes:This stock number should be easily available after Kickstarters and pre-orders. How many more than this... not sure yet. -Chris