Mother Gothel's Upgrade for Villainous (12 tokens + container)

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Upgrade your Villainous game with these laser etched, laser cut acrylic tokens and 3D-printed storage container!

Trust Tokens: Help Mother Gothel avoid confusing the trust tokens with the power tokens with this set of twelve (12) sunburst tokens to track her win condition, inspired by the movie "Tangled." These 12 round yellow tokens help Mother Gothel defeat the other villains (she needs to collect 10 to win). They are about 1" across.

The 3D-printed castle opens from the bottom (it screws/on off) and stores Mother Gothel's trust tokens when not in use, and the tokens can go in the top part of the castle tower when playing Villainous.

(Note: This listing is for the upgrades only - no stock game pieces/cards are included)


Price: $24.00