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Tokyo Jidohanbaiki (Jordan Draper Games)


TOKYO JIDOHANBAIKI is a game about Japanese vending machines and drinks! Utilizing exquisite, tactile components, this title includes over 20 unique 5-15 minute games from various guest designers across the globe. With a huge range of game types and flavors (deduction, dexterity, economic, etc), this game is perfect for any setting or player count!


・1 miniature vending machine tower

・36 miniature drinks: 6 shapes & 6 colors

・6 miniature yellow crates

・12 mini sized cards

・59 die cut yen chits

・6 double sided vending machine ad signs

・2 drink label sticker sheets

List Price: $40.00
Price: $19.00
Recommended Age: 13+
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: The stock is very low and we do not expect to get more when they are gone.