1 Single (Imperfect) Megarex for Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid - very minor factory defect! (100mm long!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a very high standard for quality, so you will probably find these (factory "second") giant Megarex meeples to be very nice, however we want to be clear that each one has something very minor that caused us to remove it from the normal set-assembly process.

This is for one (imperfect) giant Megarex for Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid (100mm long). Can also be used for terrorizing other games via house rules or fan-made expansions. :-)

Alternatively, you may be interested in the 23-piece partial upgrade (which includes Megarex), or even the complete upgrade for Dinosaur Island.

List Price: $6.00
Price: $3.00