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Double-Sided Wrapped-Edge Goal Board for Wingspan (25cm x 28cm)

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ALTERNATE PRODUCT WITH THE SAME ART/SIZE/PURPOSE: We now offer a pair of neoprene goal mats that is a great option for most players. Additionally, the neoprene mats are a much better option for international customers in particular, as they do not require additional packaging material for protection in transit (and are therefore less costly to ship).



The Goal Board

This double-sided goal board for Wingspan is designed and produced by Meeple Source, officially licensed by Stonemaier Games, and features gorgeous art by Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo (the artists for Wingspan). It is a high quality, thick, wrapped board with a matte finish for best visibility and beauty. Wingspan is already a stunning game. Add to that table presence by using this lovely goal board. It works perfectly on its own or in conjunction with other Meeple Source upgrades such as custom bird action markers and painted food tokens

The size of the board is approximately 25cm x 28cm x 3.3mm (thickness).

The Artists

Bird art for this board was commissioned especially for this piece to include some of our favorite feathered friends from Wingspan and the European expansion. The blue side features the mute swan (with adorable babies!) and the kingfisher just after he has caught his lunch, both by Natalia Rojas. The green side was drawn by Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo and features the blue jay and a scissor-tailed fly catcher swooping down from above! Ana also worked on the graphic design for both sides of the board, to really bring it all together. 


This product listing is for the double sided board only, and does not come with bird tokens, food tokens, or the game of Wingspan. Those are all available separately!

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade was designed and produced by Meeple Source and is not a Stonemaier Games product, although it is officially licensed by Stonemaier Games. Please direct all questions about this item to

Price: $15.00
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: These are now out of stock and not expected to be reprinted. Please see our link for the pair of neoprene mats with the same art/size/purpose. EXCEPTION: We plan to have a small number of these boards available at our Gen Con 2023 booth, as that's where the remaining stock is being stored.
N/ARaised price from $12 to $14 on 2/28/22. Price was changed from 10 to 12 on 11/18/20, raised to $15 on 7/26/22. Put out of stock on 11/21/22 with ~58 in stock. Will sell the rest at convention.