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3D Printed Walnut Resource Holders for Everdell (set of 5)

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Everdell is such a beautiful game -- and now you can add another fine touch by keeping your resources in these nifty walnut shells instead of just leaving them in a pile on the game board when you play.

This set of 5 will hold your berries, twigs, pebbles and amber, and even your pearls if you have the wonderful Pearlbrook expansion.
The design is from a scan of an actual walnut!  It was then resized and a small flat spot was added to make them sit on your game board nicely.  Each walnut is approximately 2.75x2.25x1.25" (70x57x33mm).
This is an upgrade, not an official Everdell product. The game and its bits are not included.


Price: $18.00
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