3D Printed Upgrade for Dune Imperium (21 pcs)

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This listing offers a set of Dune: Imperium 3D printed upgrade components.

These pieces replace all the cardboard tokens of the game, and make your gaming experience much better. The 3d tokens allow you to easily recognize which player has the union majority tokens in his/her possession, or which one controls a location.

Included are:

12 control markers (in the player color)
4 combat marker (in the player color and white)
4 union/majority tokens
1 first player token (brown miniature)

These pieces replace all the cardboard tokens of the game. Miniature License: Dune Imperium Board Game First Player Marker byDomionion6Studiosis licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution license.

Price: $26.95
Recommended Age: 13+
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: We do expect to get more of these in stock, but are currently unsure of the timeframe. If you are interested in it, please use the stock notification tool on this page.
N/Aexact stock, started with 16 units (invoice seemed to indicate 8 units?), shipment 2 came in Nov 2022
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